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More than types of handicrafts

Derived from the oldest and the most diverse civilization in human history, their well preserved unique art forms with vibrant colours and alluring designs.

Unique and Handmade

Product Designs

Art cannot be manufactured

Organic and eco friendly

Natural materials are widely used as raw materials, zero wastage and least harm to mother nature has always been a key concern

Handmade with love

Each product is unique due to human labour of artisans involved in the production process

Creativity of artisans


Every creative and alluring product made by Indian Artisans is beyond the process of just profit and money but the attachment and love which they have with their ancestral art and their creation

Product designs

We do it the same, be it for 1 or a million

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Dedicated team of IT professionals helping build robust and innovative automated systems to help business scale their global reach.

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