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What is Blue Pottery?

Blue pottery is a traditional and widely famous art form primarily based in Jaipur, India. Though, it initially evolved in Turkey. The famous art got its name ‘blue pottery’ from the cobalt blue dye which is used to design the vast variety of pottery products.The designing and crafting is entirely done by hand. This long-established art form dates back to the 14th century AD and was initially developed by the Mongols. It first came into India in 18th century and ever since the creativity of Indian artisans with blue and white pottery designs boosted its worldwide demand .
Today, blue pottery is an industry that provides livelihood to many all across India. Conserving traditional authentic designs, on the usual urns, jars, pots and vases, the new age artisans are adapting to modern market demands and you can now find authentic blue pottery on tea sets, mugs, plates, glasses, jugs, ashtrays and napkin rings etc.

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