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Shipping is one of the major problem for Indian Artisans

One of the major problems with Indian Handicraft Artisans and service providers in the global markets is to reach end customers around the globe. The intricate process involved in shipping a delicate handmade product from the villages of artistic India needs more than just shipping, the special packaging, branding and labeling of products at par with international trade standards makes it a complex process for the artisans who devote their lives into mastering their art form and creating marvelous products.
And thus comes our curated solution for artisans to help them ship products using our fleet of service providers and wide logistics network.
Our professionals become a part of the process and reducing the number of stakeholders involved in the trade thus helping our artisans list products at cogitative prices and focus better on their art form while the product reaches to the far ends of the world with utmost care and fulfilling all necessary requirements.

Visit for more information.

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