Consultancy and POC

The artists focus on their art and we act as the point of contact between local artists and buyers around the globe, we connect for better understanding of product requirements and keeping buyers involved during the production phase, making an agile development process possible.

Once that’s done we move on to connecting buyers with different fulfilment service providers for shipping and certifications while taking care of all necessary details through an automated processing system.

24 x 7 connect with your suppliers and service providers over e-mail,audio and video

Universal language support for better understanding of requirements and fulfilment services.


Your own professional research team.

With over 7 million artisans and 200 million product designs  we realised the need of a personal research team on the supplier end for a new age data driven approach to supply solutions.

While helping buyers from across the globe we realised, it’s never worth the time and effort to invest into an already explored product line. Every deal has its own unique challenges in terms of product designs, demographics, shipping and logistics, packaging and customisation. Thus we provide a personalised research service for unique and in-depth  market research on product designs, multiple suppliers and fulfilment service providers to choose from, which helps buyers take better decisions based on research data.

100% accurate and detailed data driven reports on products, their quality and fulfilment services as per buyers needs.

IT And Automation

Bringing together traditional trading methods and advance technologies has been an exciting journey for us so far. 

Automating supply chain processes, developing POS platforms, advance logistic tracking systems, product designing tools, brand management softwares and data driven research tools for buyers and sellers across the world.

Continuous research and development in the field of international trade and solving problems with advance technologies has been a prime focus of our IT department.

We have developed ground breaking methodologies to solve traditional international trading problems and automated the supply chain for 100% transparency of processes and gaining trust of stake holders involved.

Quality Control

Quality of products has always been a key concern for buyers and sellers across the globe, thus we made sure it should not be compromised. 

Prime focus on quality standards as per international trade regulations for every product, special quality control measures are put into place as per individual buyer requirements.

Complete set of quality certifications by internationally acclaimed organisations, sample products available for testing and assurance. 

Branding And Customisation

Our ever growing collaboration with our artists has helped us provide private branding and labelling services to our clients across the world.

The new age artists realise the need of customisation more than ever before, their focus has always been on preserving the historic handicrafts and creating a global reach for their art forms. Thus making extra efforts to provide customised product designs to individual buyers and multi national brands. 

Hand made and unique designs makeup for great branded product lines, customisation of unique products, packaging and marketing supplies along with services according to clients needs has been a key focus for us and our service providers.

Marketing Solutions

Let’s take your brand to Mars, believe us that’s more than just a marketing phrase for us.


It’s more than just an introduction to the level of efforts our marketing and management teams put into individual brands, a data driven innovative approach to marketing strategies helping brands stand at par with global marketing standards.

A one stop solution for all digital marketing platforms and a complex integrated reporting system to take informed decisions. Keeping in mind the scaling capabilities of our clients as we keep them informed at every step of decision making in a global marketing model. This has helped us in the past to execute vision of hundreds as we look forward to making it possible for a million more.


Be it through land, air or sea, providing multiple global shipping options, freight forwarding services, insurance and more.

Shipping handmade products need special attention and care, that’s exactly what our logistic’s team does best, with a wide variety of packaging and shipping methods our teams work together to make sure the products are delivered as expected, taking  care of every possible detail on the way.

Providing buyers with a range of services synced together for a smooth and reliable sourcing experience. Our service providers are globally renowned and reliable thus providing a strong backbone to the quality of services we provide.

Multiple global service providers to choose from based on demographics and product range along with competitive and transparent pricing model helps our buyers make better informed choices.

Shipping it to your port, doorstep or warehouse,  we can do it all. A flexible logistics model helps us serve every customer and brand. A strong tracking system helps us provide a real time experience and keep our clients updated about the same.


We hope you know packaging is the game changer because we surely do. With a variety of product ranges came a variety of different packaging needs and thus needed special attention. 

We curated a list of all packaging options from around the country and beyond and brought our customers with the best possible options. Such heavy investment into packaging services gave us the real power to ship each of our product ranges anywhere and everywhere possible.

Packaging has given us the power to guarantee product delivery like never before. Multiple quality packaging options and unique packaging needs according to individual products have been a key focus for our service providers.

Basic master packaging to premium product packaging services along with package labelling and marketing supplies we do it all.

3PL and FBA Prep

Yes, we do  that too.

With most of our clients collaborating with 3rd ,4th ,5th party logistic services for reselling, brand and inventory management we stepped up our game too, providing a unique and one of a kind complete packaged solution to our new age clients who run million dollar businesses with the help of technology.

Educating our suppliers about mandatory guidelines laid by fulfilment companies along with necessary tech support wherever required has helped us prepare a strong fleet to make our product lines ready to sell in the retail markets.

Premium packaging options, customisation, SKU labelling and marketing supplies are the few most in demand service requests from our clients in recent times and thus we dedicate a complete fleet of people to fulfil what’s needed to showcase our dedication and support for our clients across the globe.


Our professional team provides you access to all trade council certifications along with International Trade Certifications, Country Of Origin Certificates for every product.

We also take care of added certificates while shipment such as fumigation certificates, etc.

This helps us build a more transparent and reliable trading ecosystem between the buyers and government organisations responsible for the same, along with added subsidiary benefits to all stakeholders involved.


Payment options play a key role in any trading ecosystem, the whole system of payment in respect to the products and services involved in the trade needed a new breakthrough for the handicraft industry.

The security of payment has always been a key concern for all stake holders and we are actively trying to make it better everyday, focusing on new age, internationally accepted payment methods along with optimising traditional-international payment methods for faster processing and more reliable international trading ecosystem.

With future plans of bringing on board the international banking partners, we look forward in making it a more reliable platform for our customers, service providers and suppliers.


Is there even trade without negotiation!

Well in this world of automation we still have scope for negotiation, especially in a diverse country like India, with over 200 million product designs, thousands of service providers and 7 million artisans  speaking more than than 780 languages, the real question is, HOW?

Well, you know by now what we do best, solve problems in the most effective way possible and provide you solutions like never before, assigning professional executives to seal deals for you with the suppliers and service providers at the most competitive prices possible, thus adding value to our services and relations with our customers. 

Our executives are the backbone of our customers testimonies and service relations globally, they are guaranteed to go the extra mile for you if needed anytime,  any day.   


Education on international trade and its intricate processes involved, is the need of the hour for this industry to flourish in this era of globalisation.

With a wide variety of products and services to cater international markets our artisans and service providers are moving into a drastically evolving technology driven market places and its our pleasure to help those who are willing to change for the future, thus introducing our very own online marketplace, helping us automate the sourcing of products and services, creating a transparent and robust ecosystem.

The vision is to have a data oriented technology driven future of sourcing from India and we thank all our partners for having the trust and faith in us for the same.  

Customs And Paper Work

Access to information in the field of customs and law along with synchronisation of different demographic stake holders  involved has been a major problem for international trade.

We have dedicated a team of young entrepreneurs and successful veterans to fulfil this gap of knowledge and transparency along with Custom Housing Agents to cater the requirements of our global buyers. This effort has tremendously strengthened our relations with global brands and helped us to make sourcing from India a smoother experience.

Further this has been a keen focus of our administration and we are looking forward to making stronger efforts in the field of education for the same.

Brand Management

We know your brand is your baby and so is ours, thus we make sure we keep it in responsible hands now and forever, this service is designed to help brands grow and scale with competing global market players, realise threats and help your administration and management take better data backed decisions.

The passion to be new and relevant has driven us far from where we started, it has helped us develop flexible models for brands and individuals scale from mere garages to global industries of their own.

We do more than just marketing and sales, the need to fulfil global standards and to stay relevant in the global markets is more than ever before, in a competitive ecosystem of multinational tech giants, our efforts are focused on small brands to make their way into trillion dollar revenue streams. 

Extreme agile methodologies, prime focus on relevant customisations and informed market numbers can change the game for you, we are sure you knew it and thus we go the extra mile for the same.Let’s make it more than a collaboration, let’s be a part of the journey together.